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Enrique Samson
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The Navel of the Moon (El Ombligo de la Luna)
Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta
Featuring work by: Enrique Samson

Exhibition Sep 23 - Nov 23

The Navel of the Moon (El Ombligo de la Luna)
The most widely accepted etymology for the Aztec word “Mexico” is “the site at the navel of the moon.” The transliteration is an attempt to encapsulate an Indian myth that delves into rich philosophical, religious and political intricacies—much like the nation the genesis of which it chronicles. This body of work is an ongoing, personal exploration of the cultural complexities of Mexico as viewed through the lens of one of its expatriate sons currently living in the U.S. Mexican culture is rooted in unceasing juxtapositions like those of ancestral tradition and modernity, the temporal and the supernatural, the Native American and the European, good and evil… circumstances that coexist, collaborate and explode in a spectacle that often appears surreal to the nonnative eye. The series was born from a conscious desire to portray the intricate weave of Mexican culture in the modern tradition of “magical realism.” In the process, the images gradually unveiled the deeper subconscious value of intimate and personal meditations about the places, people and feelings to which the author had in the past remained oblivious due to overfamiliarity.

More info: enriquesamson.com/tnofm

Artist's Talk Oct 20 06:00 PM - Oct 20 07:00 PM

The Navel of the Moon (El Ombligo de la Luna)

Consulate General of Mexico in Atlanta
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