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Swan Coach House Gallery
Featuring work by: Peter Bahouth

Exhibition Sep 29 06:00 PM - Nov 02 04:00 PM

VENT is a photographic response to another long hot summer, and a reaction to the heat and pressure felt on a personal, political and planetary level. The stereoscopic images in VENT reflect both the beauty and ominous future of the planet in an age where our knowledge of climate change poses serious questions about our future. At the same time, VENT explores the question of how artists incorporate issues of concern in their work, and illustrates the artist’s own personal transition from the power of advocacy to change the way we think, to the potential of art to change the way we feel.

Bahouth was an advocate for environmental issues for 30 years as Director of Greenpeace USA , the Ted Turner Family Foundation, and the US Climate Action Network before becoming a full-time photographer. His primary medium is stereoscopic 3D photography, a process that was developed in the 1830s. Bahouth designs his own viewers, often incorporating sculpture, sound, or signage, as an invitation to look. Peering into the viewer removes all other external visual information. This focus through the display and onto an image where depth and space are intensified creates a more personal experience with the subject. There is a sense of being projected into the image and into another place and time.

From the AJC: "Peter Bahouth wants photo exhibit to show pressure Earth, people face"

Exhibition - Opening Reception Sep 29 06:00 PM - Sep 29 09:00 PM


Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive Atlanta, GA 30305 - Google Maps
Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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