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20x24 Studio
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Artist Talk with John Reuter, Executive Director of 20x24 Studio
Hathaway David Contemporary
Featuring work by: Sheila Pree Bright, John Reuter

Artist's Talk Oct 27 06:00 PM - Oct 27 09:00 PM

Artist Talk with John Reuter, Executive Director of 20x24 Studio

Workshop Oct 27 - Oct 29

Live Portrait Sessions with the 20x24 Polaroid Camera
Hathaway David Contemporary is excited to announce live portrait sessions with the Large Format Polaroid Camera! These beautiful 20x24, one-of-a-kind portraits will be shot by Executive Director of 20x24 Studio, John Rueter and Atlanta based photographer and activist, Sheila Pree Bright. The 20×24 Studio announced that it will be ending production operations at the end of 2017. The company has been operating with film stock purchased in 2009 from Polaroid Corporation as it exited the film business. John Reuter, who began working for Polaroid in 1978 stated that “our original business plan was for five years with the inventory purchased and for a variety of reasons we have not worked through the material. Instant film will not last forever and despite storing the film stock in cold storage and mixing the chemical reagent only as needed the studio projects that they can maintain the quality for two more years.” Please contact the gallery if you would like to book your exclusive opportunity for a portrait session or to learn more about this historic event in Atlanta.

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