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Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah GA, 1941, Edward Weston
© Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah GA, 1941, Edward Weston
Southern Heritage
Featuring work by: Berenice Abbott, Tim Barnwell, Peter Essick, John Gutmann, Thomas Neff, Arnold Newman, Peter Sekaer, Edward Weston

Exhibition Oct 01 10:00 AM - Nov 11 04:00 PM

Southern Heritage
Photographs exploring the cultural, economic and political influence of the American South from the 18th through the 21st century. Featured in the exhibition will be work by Edward Weston, Peter Sekaer, Arnold Newman’s, Berenice Abbott’s, John Gutmann’s, including contemporary photographers, Thomas Neff, Tim Barnwell and Peter Essick.

Exhibition - Opening Reception Oct 01 11:00 AM - Oct 01 12:00 PM

Gallery Talk with Bob Yellowlees
Discussion of history's pivot points that created the unique heritage of the American South.

1491...why was it so critical in the formation of the History and Heritage of the American South? This, and other pivotal world events of the last 500 years, will be discussed in the context of that heritage.

Following the presentation, Bob Yellowlees will lead a gallery tour commenting on 20th century images from the exhibition.

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