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Ezra Millstein
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Refuge Coffee Co.
Featuring work by: Ezra Millstein

Exhibition - Artist's Reception Oct 22 04:00 PM - Oct 22 08:00 PM


Exhibition Oct 22 04:00 PM - Nov 19

REFUGE is a rare, intimate look into the eyes of people affected by the global refugee crisis by photographer, Ezra Millstein. So often we view refugees as a collective in a sensationalized news story and not as individual people whose lives are forever changed by their unique circumstances. Ezra was originally drawn to the medium by the grand landscapes of artists like Ansel Adams. Then he started exploring: studying international development, serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, working with refugees, shooting for NGOs and newspapers and covering major disasters around the world. Through these experiences he has been drawn to telling people’s stories. Getting to know people in their real lives has helped him to understand the decorative differences between us, and the universality that binds us together. Ezra is proud to partner with Refuge Coffee Co. for the first public viewing of this project. Refuge Coffee, a 501c3 non-profit, exists to serve the global community in Clarkston through coffee-related job

Refuge Coffee Co.
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